February 28, 2018

How fast can paramotor fly?

How fast can I fly with a paramotor? Depending on the wing and the size of the wing the average speeds can be up to 20-30+mph and can go even faster as you move down to smaller size wings.


How long I have to run to go airborne?

Depends on wind condition. In case of light winds of (up to 5mph), a run of 5-15 meter, and in case of winds that are stronger (7-16 mph), a run of 1-5 meter could be enough to get the Paramotor airborne.


How much physical strength does it take to operate a Paramotor?

Anybody in good physical condition and can jog a small distance with a weight of 60lb on his back, and does not suffer from any kind of knee or back problems, there should be no problem operating a Paramotor. If the 60lb weight on the back is a bit much, or if the person suffers from a knee or back problem, a Paramotor attached to a Trike can be flown by them.


How long does it take to learn to fly a Paramotor?

This is a very tricky question, the most training center or instructor offer quick learning in a few days. But to build confidence solo fly a powered paraglider, you need an intimate relationship with your paraglider wing. Ground Handling or Kiting regularly like routine workout will master your paragliding skill and secure success paramotor flying every time.


How high can a Paramotor go?

Usually, we flew at a height of a few hundred feet from the earth as the condition won’t change much as ground level(wind, air temperature etc.). But there’s no limit for powered paraglider, you can fly over 10,000 feet for sure. But serious preparation request for high altitude flight as extremely cold and low oxygen in that level.


What happens when the engine stopped?

The purpose of the engine or motor in a Powered Paraglider is to launch the aircraft, after which even when the engine/motor is stopped, the paraglider will be able to glide and land safely because of the open parachute. Genuine speaking the Electric Paramotor is more reliable than a gas engine. It is possible to land in a small area with a Paramotor, which serves as an advantage in the case of an emergency landing.

How can a Paramotor be transported?

Depends on the manufacturer, normally the heavy paramotor made for trike required trailer or cargo carrier; the lightweight paramotor made for foot launcher can be unassembled and reassembled easily. Our electric paramotor can be simply transported in the trunk of your car.


How do you steer the paramotor?

Paramotor is the easiest way to learn flight freedom. Control is very easy. Simply pull the right handle to turn right, the left handle to turn left and pull both at five feet above the ground to stop with a gentle landing. Squeeze the throttle to climb and release it to glide back down.

Where can I fly the paramotor?

Generally speaking, anywhere that is not populated with a lot of houses or people. But there is a lot of restriction from FAA. Basically, it’s prohibited within 5 miles from an airport.

FAA official website:
Check out FAA airspace restrictions

An interactive airspace map:


  • Ivan

    Great Paramotor

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  • Nigel Sussman

    we’re not born to fly, but we can learn to fly freedom.

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  • Craig Handson

    Is that possible use your electric paramotor on a trike?

    Reply to Craig Handson
    • Post authorJerry

      yes. but need much bigger paraglider wing and more batteries.

      Reply to Jerry
  • Iric Claiborne

    Any wired thottle available?

    Reply to Iric Claiborne
    • Post authorJerry

      I’m working on it.

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  • Tim

    What’s the maximum batteries I can carry?

    • Post authorJerry

      minimum require 3 batteries at a time for enough ampere and each battery(4ah 80v) weight 5.5lb.
      there’s the formula:
      paramotor 30lb + 3 batteries 16.5lb = 46.5lb basic setup about 10 munites flight time.
      every additional 16.5lb(3 batteries) weight = 10-20 munites flight time (more batteries have cruising time)

      Reply to Jerry
  • Mike S.

    Do you do international shipping?

    Reply to Mike S.
    • Post authorJerry

      international shipping from USA is very expensive. I recommend you just order minne motor 18hp power pack and build frame locally. that will save a lot on shipping cost.

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  • Dale

    Electric is the future of the sport, batteries just aren’t quite there to enjoy reasonable flight times. Stay safe!

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  • Wells B.

    Cheers and happy Chinese new year 🎉

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  • oprol evorter

    Some genuinely excellent posts on this internet site, regards for contribution. “It is not often that someone comes along who is a true friend and a good writer.” by E. B. White.

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  • Jean

    Is it possible to use 4 EGO 56V battery, 2 series, 2 parralel for 112V 15 AH ?

    Reply to Jean
    • Post authorJerry

      yes. that will work.

      Reply to Jerry
      • Jean

        Will i get more power and thrust with112 V than the 80V battery ?

        Reply to Jean
        • Post authorJerry

          Theoretically yes. but it will get overheat then you have to lower the throttle input.

          Reply to Jerry
  • Jay

    When is the earliest date you start kiteboarding lessons?

    • Post authorJerry

      any time. in spring we training on land with mountainboard.

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