3D on Demand service. Many products on this website is 3d printed. I design and produce real working parts not toys, so I don’t print PLA(which will melt under sunshine). All my 3d printing filaments are ABS, PETG and Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate.

3D Modeling service: $80/hour (3D scanning, CAD design, Modeling simulation…)

3D Printer repair and training: $90/hour(Twin-cities local customers only, on site services)

3D Printing service: basic price $20 plus:

ABS: $2/hour(ABS can be used as regular parts that don’t contact chemical)

PETG: $2/hour(for food safety use)

Carbon Fiber Polycarbonate: $4/hour(for very strong parts)

Require a Quote, please send me a email: Jerry@minne.us