80v Battery to 120v AC 2500w Inverter Power Station Solar Panel Ready

(18 customer reviews)


compatible with any 80v Battery on market, greenworks, kobalt, master force…

maximum battery capability: 8 x 6ah 80v battery

the biggest battery powered generator on market, 5000w peak 2500w continuous power

choose 110v ac charger or 12-24v dc charger(solar panel ready)

the most easy solar panel system for RV camper and house

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80v Battery to 120v AC 2500w Inverter(3rd version)

Convenient comparable to any 80v battery(battery is not included)

2500w continuous power 5000w peak power Pure Sine Wave Inverter

Optional 110v AC Charger, or 12-24v DC Charger with Solar Panel Ready

Must have for Solar panel system, home emergency power or replace RV gas generator

DC Voltage Range 65v-90v (low voltage cut off to protect batteries)

Comparison for portable battery powered generators:

Minne Motor 2500w power station: provides 50000 peak watts, 2500 continuous watts of pure sine inverter energy. maximum battery capability: 8 x 6ah 80v battery

EGO Nexus Power Station: 3000w peak 2000w power, battery capability: 4 x 10ah 56v battery

Milwaukee MX FUEL power supply: 3600w peak 1800w continuous, battery capability: 2 x 6ah 80v battery

Additional information

Weight 36 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


18 reviews for 80v Battery to 120v AC 2500w Inverter Power Station Solar Panel Ready

  1. Ritter

    The solar charger is slow but the inverter has great power. I’m happy with this power station.

  2. Johnson

    Great product. I like that quiet operation very much.

  3. Will Z.

    Looking for this power station to replace my gas generator for a long time. I just can’t stand with that loud noise anymore.

  4. yong-woodey

    80v Battery to 120v AC 2500w Inverter Power how long it can run?

    • Jerry

      depends on the battery you use.

  5. Allen

    Powerful inverter. I wonder any compatible wind turbine that I can add on?

    • Jerry

      some small wind turbine 500w or less should work on my power station right away.

  6. Kris Vandenacre

    good power.

  7. Cara

    powerful inverter, good ideal.

  8. Bennett

    powerful inverter.

  9. Valentin

    I discovered just what I want. God Bless you man.

  10. Arlen

    good power.

  11. Ben

    Really powerful inverter, but the solar charger doesn’t do much things.

  12. Jon Pence

    Looks great, but will there be any cover over the top, or will that cause too much heat build up?
    Do you need to have all 6 batteries installed to use the inverter, can you just have 1 battery?
    Can you swap batteries while using inverter?

    • Jerry

      one battery can provide max 500w. to get 2500w you need 6 batteries.
      yes. you can swap batteries while using the inverter.

  13. Harry

    Works very well. Fully loaded 8 batteries support our RV for the whole night. This power station turelly replace gas generator.

  14. Pete

    Good working machine, fit what I have.

  15. Jonny

    Powerful inverter, but there’s some spark when I plug in the battery.

  16. Hildegarde

    It’s really a nice and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this
    helpful information with us. Please keep us
    informed like this. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Corazon

    I’d without a dout to follow this product.

    Talk soon.

  18. Christie

    excellent inverter, very powerful.

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