Minne Motor

Electric Motor for Power Sports with Common Tools Battery

Batteries link package

Batteries link package

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connect 3 or 4 batteries as a group with circuit breakers for safety.

Custom fit common battery on market from 36v-82v, like EGO, DeWalt, Greenworks, Kobalt, Snapper…

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Batteries link package is the crucial item if your project request 2 more batteries. It provide maximum safety protection by using circuit breakers on individual batteries. Common power tools battery with 1 set cells inside(normally marked as 2-3ah) can give 15-20 amp continuous power; with 2 or more set cells inside(normally marked as 4ah and up) can do 30-40 amp continuous current. So depending on the battery you use, I’ll put right rated circuit breakers to protect your batteries.

Custom fit common battery on market from 36v-82v, like EGO, DeWalt, Greenworks, Kobalt, Snapper…

E_PPG power delivery formula base on 80v battery(currently Kobalt already offer 6ah batteries which is the same size of 4ah battery but 50% power)

Lightest setup:

paramotor 30lb + 4 of 30A circuit breakers with 4 0f (2-3ah)batteries 14lb = 44lb about 10 minutes flight time. can upgrade to 4 of (4-6ah)batteries 22lb

Standard setup:

paramotor 30lb + 3 of 45A circuit breakers with 3 of (4-6ah)batteries 16.5lb = 46.5lb about 10 minutes flight time. this setup will NOT work with 2-3ah batteries.
every additional 16.5lb(3 batteries) weight = 10-20 munites flight time (more batteries have cruising time)

Battery technology improved by days. we always expect higher power capacity batteries in the near futures.

warning: 3 x 45a Breakers will NOT work with 2Ah or 3Ah batteries, minimum request 3 of 4Ah or plus batteries.

Additional information

Weight 32 oz
Dimensions 16 × 5 × 5 in

"3 x 45A Breaker", "4 x 30A Breaker"

7 reviews for Batteries link package

  1. Don. A

    Solved my problem. Thanks.

  2. Jim S.

    Just what I need. Fit my project perfectly.

  3. Eleanor

    A small investment can have a huge payoff. This is a must have for safety.

  4. Georgeann Hoffman

    Interesting products. I just bookmarked your website.

  5. Sandy Namsaly

    Thank you the information.

  6. Brigitte Peller

    that’s a great idea.

  7. Zoe

    how to mount it on frame?

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