Greenworks Kobalt EGO TORO Battery to 12v + 5v USB Power Station

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DC converter for any power tools battery to standard 12V DC power outlet

Emergency charge car battery and jump start

30A big output can power up big 12V DC motors (trolling motor, scooter, power wheels…)

Fast USB chargers(2A) x 4



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New low profile design, will link any 40v-90v batteries for 12v + 5v power station.

Built tough with standard 12V DC socket power outlet(30A) & 4 USB ports(2A)

Convenient comparable to any 80v battery, and EGO 56v battery Toro 60v (more brands on the way)

Power up all 12V appliances and 5V USB

Must have for travel: emergency charge car battery and jump start

30A version work with 12v trolling motor, scooter, power wheels or any big 12v motors.


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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 3 in


28 reviews for Greenworks Kobalt EGO TORO Battery to 12v + 5v USB Power Station

  1. Walt J

    Just what I need.

  2. Eden L

    Perfect fit my needs. Thank you Jerry.

  3. Harris

    I can’t believe no one thought of this earlier. This is the perfect solution to short power outages where you need good light and just enough power to maintain connectivity and low power entertainment devices.

  4. John

    Nice design. Works very well.

  5. Jeff

    Why not put a 110 plug on them? I would buy of it had one.

  6. Matthew, A

    Perfect solution for my ego 56v battery. Thanks.

  7. Mark

    Works just right.

  8. Well

    Nice build.

  9. Sky

    Does this have low voltage protection for ego battery? I would prefer this with a sine inverter over egos square wave battery. I only worry i will damage my battery if i leave it unattended

    • Jerry

      no. there is no low voltage protection. but if you use newer ego battery there is indicator on battery will flash red when voltage getting low.

  10. Beryl

    useful information to work on.

  11. Christopher

    I really appreciate your works. nice design.

  12. Tom Fleming

    I bought one about 60 days ago. I used it to cobble together a web-broadcast for Indoor Softball games (very limited attendance). I used a 65 watt 12v (car plug) to keep a Mac-lap + webcam to do the task. Using the 80v battery gave me a six-hour runtime. I couldn’t be there, during the time. It was cool.

  13. Orlando D.

    Will an 80V 2.0ah kobalt battery fit with this setup? How much ah will this provide me after I step it down to 12v? I will be using this on a Watersnake 24lb (9-15 amp) Trolling motor for my kayak.

    • Jerry

      80v 2ah = 12v 12ah. Yes, it will work with your trolling motor perfectly.

  14. Justin K

    Another trolling motor question. I have an Ego 56V 10 ah battery. How many ah will this provide me after I step it down to 12v? I will be using this on a Minn Kota 55lb (30 amp) Trolling motor for my boat.

    • Jerry

      roughly 46 ah on 12v.

  15. Cody

    What warranty do you offer with the 12v 30a power station ?

    • Jerry

      90 days.

  16. Billy

    like the brand new upgrades!

  17. zortilonrel

    I have a old 24v ebike. wondering if this is work?

    • Jerry

      serial link 2 of 12v power station can get 24v output. but not recommend.

  18. Tim

    Question: which type of jump start cable in Amazon do I need to buy if I plan to “extend EGO 56v battery usage for emergency charge car battery and jump start”? Would you help to provide the link? Thanks.

    • Jerry

      basically just need some clip to hook up the battery’s terminals and another end of cable can directly link to the 30A output.

  19. chad

    You are a great inventor.

  20. Leo

    Works great. But fitting need to improve.

  21. Charolette

    superb 3D parts!

  22. Patsy

    really pleasant to know 3D printing in real applications.

  23. Moya

    great product, fill my travel needs.

  24. Scott

    Hi Jerry, I don’t understand your comment from Sep 12, 2021: “serial link 2 of 12v power station can get 24v output. but not recommend”. Could you explain how this connection is made, and why it is not recommended?

    • Jerry

      any serial connection need to be very careful, so it’s not recommended.

  25. Saddy

    works great for my scooter.

  26. Kaden

    Excellent design. Works right with my trolling motor.

  27. matt

    Great idea, but the battery doesn’t firmly hold there.

  28. Thomas Schmitt

    Is there any way to mount the power station in a fixed location and if so in what orientation will the battery stay engaged?

    • Jerry

      yes. it can be mount on the wall. batteries have to be plug-in upright.

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