electric surfboard kit

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completely dual motor kit for DIY electric surfboard, use any 100 liter or above board recommend windsurfing board, speed range: 6-10mph(10-16kmh) depending on the board. super easy to install, ready to ride.


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2 of 2KW out-runner motors, completely waterproofed, super easy to install on any board. recommend 100 liter or above windsurfing board for the best experience.  use any 24v battery recommend 6s lipo batteries, speed range: 6-10mph(10-16kmh) depending on the board. basic setup has motor and ESC require your own remote and battery, choose the full setup include motor system, waterproof throttle, waterproof battery box (hold 3 of 6s 10ah lipo battery for 15minutes ride, batteries are NOT included.)

dual 2000w outrunner brushless motors fully waterproofed with stainless steel bearing and epoxy coating

working voltage 20 – 26v, 150Amp continuous current required. any 24v battery works but recommend 6s lipo battery

built in waterproof ESC, optional water sealed battery box for 6s lipo battery, optional wired throttle with kill switch function.

speed range 6-10mph(10-16kmh) depending on the board, recommend 100 liter or above windsurfing board.


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Weight 150 oz
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 10 in


1 review for electric surfboard kit

  1. Glenn

    Good setup. Easy installation. A lot fun on water.

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