Kiteboarding Snowkiting Kitesurfing Lessons


This is 3-hour kiteboarding lesson cover the following topic:

Kite Control & Safety

Water Body Dragging

Water Start & Ride

Tips for the solo ride


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Kitesurfing is fun, exciting, and addicting; and we make it safe and memorable for you. Although kitesurfing is, without doubt, the most fun you can have on the water, it is also a dangerous sport to learn without instruction. It is therefore essential to learn kitesurfing with the guidance of an instructor who can ensure your safety and understanding, allowing you to enjoy the experience and progress confidently.

This lesson takes up to 3 hours, all gears included.  we go through the stages of teaching at your pace, making sure that you are fully comfortable and competent with each step. This is vital to making sure that you are safe on the water.


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