Paragliding Pay-out Towing Winch

Paragliding Pay-out Towing Winch

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1kw electric hub motor work with any power tools battery use my battery adapters.

8-12 inch  spool fit 1000 meter line.

ultra lightweight and portable.

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Mini payout winch: the most affordable and portable paragliding payout winch with hydraulic tension control, use common 500lb fishing lines.

1000 watt hub motor for retrieving lines, use any power tools battery with my battery adapters. 12 inch spool fit up to 1000 meter line.

Without motor, use power drill to retrieve lines. 8 inch spool fit up to 800 meter line.

Additional information

Weight 160 oz
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 5 in

Mini Payout Winch, 1KW Payout Winch

4 reviews for Paragliding Pay-out Towing Winch

  1. William van koll

    Ik heb er nog geen een maar kan niet wachten om een te bestellen gr william

  2. Stanley

    I can’t believe it. This little winch actually work well. We bought 1000 meters 500lbs fishing line on Amazon. Towed over 20 times already. The line definitely strong enough for this winch.

  3. Steve Wilkes (verified owner)

    So I purchased the mini payout winch and finally gave it a shot. I put about 800′ of Dyneema line and the was able to get up to about 80′ when the line snapped. Came back down and saw that the winch’s plastic reel had failed getting wedged and stopped the reel from turning. Then the line snap which I am grateful for as it could have turned out worse. I was really hoping this winch was going to work as the nearest hill or tow is one days drive.

    • Jerry

      there’s no winding guide, so every time winding the line back into the spool, you have to use the hand as winding guide to make sure the line is in equal tension and distribution, otherwise it will snap when payout towing.

  4. Ottawa Paragliding School

    Do you sale it with the Hook for the Car?

    • Jerry

      it works with standard 2 inch receiver.

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