Minne Motor Power System

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Minne Motor power system for E-PPG

12kw – 20kw motor, thrust 100-150 lbs

All package are pre-programmed, pre-tested and ready to fly.


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Minne Motor power system for E-PPG

Electric motor is very easy to mount on any kind of paramotor frame.

All package are pre-programmed, pre-tested and ready to fly.

20KW SINGLE MOTOR PACKAGE: 150lbs-200lbs plus thrust, wieght 22lbs

(the same motor as openPPG SP140)

fit pilot up to 300lb

20kw 50kv outrunner brushless motor

80v 400A ESC

46 inch carbon fiber propeller, support 50 inch propeller for 200lbs thrust

wireless remote control

15KW SINGLE MOTOR PACKAGE: 100lbs thrust, weight 15lbs

fit pilot up to 160lb

15kw 50kv outrunner brushless motor

80v 400A ESC

42 inch carbon fiber propeller

wireless remote control

12KW DUAL MOTORS PACAKAGE: 100lbs-120lbs thrust, weight 16lbs

fit pilot up to 180lb

2 x 6kw 80kv outrunner brushless motors

80v 400A ESC

2 x 32 inch carbon propeller upgrade to 4 blades for 120lbs thrust

wireless remote control


Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 30 × 16 × 16 in


20 reviews for Minne Motor Power System

  1. Martha

    Just received it. Everything looks good, going to build my frame soon.

  2. Chad P.

    Wish it has more power.

  3. Jim Winkley

    Easy to put on my old frame, but need extra spacer for propeller otherwise it will be to close to the frame.

  4. Benjamin G.

    Right about the power and easy to install. Good deal.

  5. Justin

    Ordered 20kw package with greenworks 6ah batteris(they’re super cheap on ebay). Great power, definitely more than I need.

  6. Tony

    Tried to build paramotor by myself, end up with couple of motors in garage. I should buy this package at first try that will me ton of time.

  7. JonnyKeyword

    want to know all the most dangerous part of paramotor?

  8. Rob.

    Ordered 20kw motor pack, feels more heavier than I thought but great power.

  9. Jenson

    Jerry made custom mounting for me. Everything work great.

  10. DaDknl

    can i order 20kw motor with bigger propeller?

    • Jerry

      yes. maximum propeller size is 50 inch.

  11. Sean

    Good power output.

  12. comkkky

    Hello there, cool setup!

  13. writingbybenjaminrt

    done some research, the 20kw package is right for me.

  14. Thomas

    Ordered 20kw motor with 50inch prop. Very powerful system. Going to build my trike with it.

  15. rhino

    what’s the weight limit?

    • Jerry

      both 15kw and 12kw dual system support pilot upto 180lbs
      20kw system support 500lbs payload for trike, tandem flight.

  16. Madlyn Spies

    what’s the flight time?

  17. Susie Jacobellis

    Very good power.

  18. Sam

    Replaced my old engine. Good power but it’s not really saved any weight. Battery is heavier than gasoline.

  19. Zoe

    I admire your work.

  20. Ethan A.

    Nice setup! Save my time to find each item.

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