Paramotor Paragliding tryout

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Come out and tryout paragliding


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Imagine flying through a beautiful pasture, or down a meandering river… As you pass between tall trees or along a curve in the stream, you catch a glimpse of something just over the next hill… Suddenly you’re gliding higher, exploring a yet unseen piece of the world you’d never have been able to experience without the aid of your powered paraglider… Experiencing true freedom and real flight in it’s rawest form.

This tryout gives you a full discovery of paragliding. You will get in air on your very first day. All gears included, let’s go fly!

7 reviews for Paramotor Paragliding tryout

  1. Ben Z.

    My wife and I tried paragliding with absolutely zero experience. We like to challenge ourselves, expanding the boundaries of our experience and paragliding looked like an amazing thing to do. Jerry is very patient and knowledgeable, help us get in air right away. We have super fun afternoon. Thank you Jerry.

  2. Laura

    What’s amazing experience. I was in air for couple seconds. Thank you Jerry.

  3. Chad

    Great experience with Jerry to learn flying. The paragliding feels pretty easy.

  4. Antonio

    the great experience. I learned alot.

  5. Denice

    amazing experience. I recommend all of my friends to try this paragliding lesson.

  6. Jen

    Winter flight is super fun!

  7. Shawn

    Just tried another day with Jerry. Surprisingly easy. I need work hard to get money for my gears.

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